Understanding Survey in Relation to Statistics

Survey is a common word that we hear and it is commonly done also in our day to day life. Survey is getting an information but only parts of it to understand the whole. Survey application in our everyday life is television ratings, president satisfaction rating, political polling or in health statistics. When you will perform a survey you have to design the process you will use, the amount of time and effort you will put to it and the cost you will need for it until it will be finished.

In having the design of the survey you can use clustering, elements stratification and sample size. You have to see what will produce the effective and efficient way to do and finish the survey. The second step to the survey is for you to select a sample. In a population you cannot cover all so you have to choose numbers among the total population and gather information or data from that sample. Next step is data collection. It is the field time of the survey to collect data.

Once finish it will be analysed to produce a statistically correct estimates. Through this process, statistics was also illustrated. By having the survey you can have a meaningful data that was made statistically that can be used to predict what will happen in the future. It is not a one hundred prediction but very close to it. It can be used by a business to know what product will sell in a particular month like a 免洗劑洗衣.

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