Understanding All About Big Data

Data is very simple to understand. It is any information that is gathered or entered in a system or anything. Your name, age, gender and status are considered data especially if you enter it in an application form. But when you put the word big before data and you listen it as big data then you will think twice what is it? What is the use of it and what forms part of it? It is still simple to understand. Same definition of data a while ago but just make it a big bulk of data like that.


Let us say it is thousand list of names and gender. That is the big data. The thing that just make it seem complicated is the amount of data collected but there is the types of data analysis that analysts used to process this loads of information and it will produced a meaningful conclusion. The time and effort they have to put increased and the process they use is more challenging than the traditional way of analysis fromĀ BOT-TO tech process company. This conclusion will produced a decision or action to be done.

By using this data it can make a prediction of what will likely happen in the future though it is not one hundred percent but surely very close to it. It can reveal trends, association or patterns about human interaction and behaviour.

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