The Top Countries with High Population

The average population of the world is seven billion. Among many countries throughout the world, which countries has the highest population? Do you think the country you belong to is one of those with high population? The list below are just an estimate from the U.S. Bureau of the Census and the data are based on the statistics from all the population census throughout the world and also from vital statistics registration systems, on assumptions about the future trends, or from sample surveys that pertains to the recent past.

The country with the highest population of 1,355,692,544 is China. Next in Rank is India with a population of 1,236,344,576 followed by the United States; 318,892,096; Indonesia; 253,609,648; Brazil; 202,656,784; Pakistan; 196,174,384; Nigeria; 177,155,760; Bangladesh; 166,280,704; Russia; 142,470,272; and Japan with a population of 127,103,392. The list mentioned are the top ten countries with high population. There are ten more countries which were ranked as eleventh up to twentieth with high population.

They are the following: ranked eleventh is Mexico with a population of 120,286,656 followed by Philippines; 107,668,232; Ethiopia; 96,633,456; Vietnam; 93,421,832; Egypt; 86,895,096; Turkey; 81,619,392; Germany;80,996,688; Iran; 80,840,712; Democratic Republic of Congo; 77,433,744; and the country which was ranked as the twentieth country with a high population is Thailand with a population of 67,741,400. Through the data mentioned, we can see how important Statistics is. I think Vatican will have related average number to this population. The more you engage in online marketing the higher chance to gain more profit. You can visit this link to know some of the important tips on how to market online. This is the best recommended strategy for you to work on digital marketing business.

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