How Statistics can be misleading

Every day you make a life altering decisions based on statistics. Statistics constantly manipulates our thoughts and you will decide everything    from which car to buy or what companies we should invest in or what type of food should or we shouldn’t buy. Statistics are fundamental part of our economy and many people accept them as absolute truth. Yet statistics can be inherently deceiving. Have you ever been left in disbelief after hearing a statistic that seems to be true well chances are you’re probably right.

In this article, how can statistics can lie. Statistics do not create themselves when people have to create them. There’s no such things as perfect statistics but some are less than perfect than the others and marketing especially one strategy that is commonly used to manipulate statistics is to make false correlation between unrelated datasets.  There are many factors that must be considered if you wish to determine if one subject is accurate. Sometimes cause and effect is important for distinction.

Sample size must also be considered in the data. Statistics of less small size is generally less accurate and the larger size is more accurate. The strategy of statistics is more often used in advertisement for medicine and those miracle cures. We must learn to consider the way the data was collected  and what the sample would look like when analyzing the data. One thing can strongly affect the way the survey was done

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