Data Analysis and Collection

This page will give you understanding of the data collection methods used in educational research. It will also help you decide which data collection to use in your own dissertation. Of Aspects of your dissertation is your research method you will do and this will dictate by your research proposal for example if you are trying to gain an understanding of other point of view for a cultural study you may use nongraphic as your research methodology however if you are looking to improve your own practice in a work context then you may need to use action research as your methodology.

Once you have decided on the methodology you have to use. You’ll then need to determine which data collection method would be best suited for your research. The data collections method fall into two categories that are known as the Primary resources and Second resources.

Primary resources are original resources collected by the researchers that have never previously been collected. This data is collected first hand using various methods. A second resource is data that has been previously collected by someone else for a different purpose. It consists of both published and unpublished data. The advantage of using secondary resources is that they are readily available and do not need to be collected again. However, it may not be able to meet your specific research needs.

The fact of this page is the collection of data from primary resources through qualitative and quantitative methods.

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