The Guide to Big Data Analysis

The analysis of data is a process that involves cleansing, inspecting, modelling and transforming data to discover or gather useful information. After that to suggest a conclusion and will support a final decision to be made and put into action. Or it can be defined this way analysis is a process of deriving to a conclusion that is based on gathered material. Through the process of analysis data that have been gathered are considered meaningless numbers and data will become meaningful.

Small data are simpler and easier to process. But when it comes to big data it requires more time unless the system is used is very high end and produce analysis immediately. Analysis or analytics has three main types in data. One is Descriptive Analytics. It is done by condensing or summarizing large numbers into smaller pieces. Instead of having a long list of numbers and details it is transformed to narrative. Second is Predictive Analytics. In this type of analytic analysts will create predictions on what will happen in the future by studying historical and recent data.

Even though it is not accurate but it gives a close insight on what will likely to happen. In this process it will involve machine learning, data mining and statistics. The third type is Prescriptive Analytics. The final type can now allow analysts to make a suggestions on what action to take having considered the conclusion. The data from the beginning can now produce actions and real decision like if the company will still make SUS鋁.

The Most in Demand Jobs in the World

If you’re still a student and you worry about what course to take then try to enroll in the following courses so that after graduation you can be employed in the most in demand jobs in the world. If you’re a skilled professional, you will be surely employed especially in the developed countries across the world. Engineers such as Software Engineers and Developers, Electronics Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Mining Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Computer Hardware Engineers, Agricultural Engineers.

And even Architects are one of the in demand jobs in the world. If you’re a Nurse, Doctor and Medical Practitioner, Midwife, Psychologist, Physiotherapist, Pharmacist, Medical Laboratory Scientist, Radiographer, Physicist and Astronomer, Dentist, Paramedic, and Veterinarian, then you are surely needed. IT Data Analysts, Accountants, Engineering Managers, Sales Executives, Database and Network Professionals, Systems Administrators and Analysts, even Welders are also in demand jobs. Teachers including Highschool teachers, Elementary and Preschool teachers, and College professors are all in demand jobs in the world.

Still, there’s a lot of in demand jobs so if you’re one of the following then good for you. Are you a Surveyor, Chef, Mechanical Engineering Technician, Machine Operative, Civil Engineering Technician, Electrical Engineering Technician, Metalworker, Plumber, Car Mechanics, Auditor, Web Developer, Electrician, and Construction Project Manager? As long as you have the skill and you can work professionally then you don’t have to worry about your employment. Attending a wedding occasion needs a good style of dress that fit on the wedding theme. JB wedding dresses has been visited by most people to choose design of dresses for them to wear in attending a wedding event. That is why this shop has been known by many people in the world.

The Top Countries with High Population

The average population of the world is seven billion. Among many countries throughout the world, which countries has the highest population? Do you think the country you belong to is one of those with high population? The list below are just an estimate from the U.S. Bureau of the Census and the data are based on the statistics from all the population census throughout the world and also from vital statistics registration systems, on assumptions about the future trends, or from sample surveys that pertains to the recent past.

The country with the highest population of 1,355,692,544 is China. Next in Rank is India with a population of 1,236,344,576 followed by the United States; 318,892,096; Indonesia; 253,609,648; Brazil; 202,656,784; Pakistan; 196,174,384; Nigeria; 177,155,760; Bangladesh; 166,280,704; Russia; 142,470,272; and Japan with a population of 127,103,392. The list mentioned are the top ten countries with high population. There are ten more countries which were ranked as eleventh up to twentieth with high population.

They are the following: ranked eleventh is Mexico with a population of 120,286,656 followed by Philippines; 107,668,232; Ethiopia; 96,633,456; Vietnam; 93,421,832; Egypt; 86,895,096; Turkey; 81,619,392; Germany;80,996,688; Iran; 80,840,712; Democratic Republic of Congo; 77,433,744; and the country which was ranked as the twentieth country with a high population is Thailand with a population of 67,741,400. Through the data mentioned, we can see how important Statistics is. Air conditioner is very important in our house or in our office. This will make you to feel fresh and have a cool mind. Also, air conditioner makes you feel relax and being free from stress. I think Vatican will have related average number to this population.

The Top Universities Offering Statistics Courses in the Philippines

In the Philippines, there are a lot of universities that offers different courses including Statistics. If you are planning to enroll on this course and yet you don’t know what school to go, you may try one of the following list of top universities. You can try to enroll at University of the Philippines Los Banos. They are offering Masters Courses such as MS in Statistics and Doctorate Courses such as PhD in Statistics. If you want a private university, try to enroll at Ateneo de Zamboanga University.

They offer BS in Mathematical Sciences major in Mathematical Statistics. Caraga State University Butuan offer BS in Mathematics major in Applied Statistics. University of the Philippines Diliman is a state university offering MS in Statistics as well as PhD in Statistics. Cavite State University Indang Campus offers BS in Applied Mathematics major in Statistics. De La Salle University Manila is a private university which offers BS in Statistics major in Actuarial Science and MS in Statistics. University of San Carlos is a Catholic private university that offers BS in Economics minor in Statistics.

Benguet State University offers MA in Applied Statistics with very low annual tuition fee. Some of the list of universities mentioned offers low tuition fees and others have high tuition fees but it also depends on your family’s annual income. Among the list, De La Salle University Manila has the highest tuition fee but it is the center of development in statistics. Also, some were regarded as the center of excellence in Statistics though 無人搬運車 is not yet popular here.

Understanding All About Big Data

Data is very simple to understand. It is any information that is gathered or entered in a system or anything. Your name, age, gender and status are considered data especially if you enter it in an application form. But when you put the word big before data and you listen it as big data then you will think twice what is it? What is the use of it and what forms part of it? It is still simple to understand. Same definition of data a while ago but just make it a big bulk of data like that.


Let us say it is thousand list of names and gender. That is the big data. The thing that just make it seem complicated is the amount of data collected but there is the types of data analysis that analysts used to process this loads of information and it will produced a meaningful conclusion. The time and effort they have to put increased and the process they use is more challenging than the traditional way of analysis. This conclusion will produced a decision or action to be done.

By using this data it can make a prediction of what will likely happen in the future though it is not one hundred percent but surely very close to it. It can reveal trends, association or patterns about human interaction and behaviour. There is a restaurant that I have been before and all I can say is perfect. You can see many kinds of gourmet. Their dishes is totally great and delicious.

Understanding Survey in Relation to Statistics

Survey is a common word that we hear and it is commonly done also in our day to day life. Survey is getting an information but only parts of it to understand the whole. Survey application in our everyday life is television ratings, president satisfaction rating, political polling or in health statistics. When you will perform a survey you have to design the process you will use, the amount of time and effort you will put to it and the cost you will need for it until it will be finished.

In having the design of the survey you can use clustering, elements stratification and sample size. You have to see what will produce the effective and efficient way to do and finish the survey. The second step to the survey is for you to select a sample. In a population you cannot cover all so you have to choose numbers among the total population and gather information or data from that sample. Next step is data collection. It is the field time of the survey to collect data.

Once finish it will be analysed to produce a statistically correct estimates. Through this process, statistics was also illustrated. By having the survey you can have a meaningful data that was made statistically that can be used to predict what will happen in the future. It is not a one hundred prediction but very close to it. It can be used by a business to know what product will sell in a particular month like a 免洗劑洗衣.

What are the Data the World Needs?

In statistics, the primary work is to gather or collect data. Sometimes, there are a group of people asking some questions like how many are you in your family or how many siblings do you have and a lot more questions. Their main purpose might be to gather data and to know about the population or for them to compare the population last year and this year. Then, is population only the data that the world needs? In actuality, there’s a lot more.

The world actually needs agricultural data as well. In agriculture, there are a lot of things to consider especially problems that are occurring which affects the farmers and even the consumers. So, statisticians needs to collect some data and lay it in 辦公家具 like the table, analyze it, and think of some possible solutions based on the data gathered. For example, when the stock of rice is lacking then they need to collect information about it and to draw conclusions and even give solutions to the problem.

Also, the world needs data about education. In the countries which has low economic status, education is a big problem. Many children couldn’t go to school to have a good education due to financial problems. So, what could be the possible solutions to it? It is one of the very important data that the world needs so that each country facing such a problem in terms of education could find solutions.

Would you Consider Being a Statistician?

As we all know, there’s a lot of profession nowadays throughout the world. Some people wants to be an engineer or architect and others would like to become a nurse or a doctor. How about you? What profession do you want? Would you consider being a statistician? First of all, let us know what does statistics mean. You might have some idea about statistics. It is actually a discipline that concerns about how to design experiments and also the collection of data.

When there are information gathered, you have to summarize it for better understanding. You also need to draw conclusions based on the gathered data and it concerns about estimating the present situation or even predicting what will happen in the future. It is a very important tool being used in the field of education, medicine, physics, psychology, engineering and others. Also, it is necessary in the aspects of society such as the government, all kinds of businesses and in different kinds of industries.

Statistics is being used widely in terms of knowing the population of a place. So, if you consider being a statistician then you have to prepare yourself in dealing with numerous data and on how to find a solution to a problem. Since statistics is more on quantitative information, you should be keen on numbers. You should be good in collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and in presenting the data gathered directory. If you become a statistician, you can work on different sectors such as the government and other sectors.

How Statistics can be misleading

Every day you make a life altering decisions based on statistics. Statistics constantly manipulates our thoughts and you will decide everything    from which car to buy or what companies we should invest in or what type of food should or we shouldn’t buy. Statistics are fundamental part of our economy and many people accept them as absolute truth. Yet statistics can be inherently deceiving. Have you ever been left in disbelief after hearing a statistic that seems to be true well chances are you’re probably right.

In this article, how can statistics can lie. Statistics do not create themselves when people have to create them. There’s no such things as perfect statistics but some are less than perfect than the others and marketing especially one strategy that is commonly used to manipulate statistics is to make false correlation between unrelated datasets.  There are many factors that must be considered if you wish to determine if one subject is accurate. Sometimes cause and effect is important for distinction.

Sample size must also be considered in the data. Statistics of less small size is generally less accurate and the larger size is more accurate. The strategy of statistics is more often used in advertisement for medicine and those miracle cures. We must learn to consider the way the data was collected  and what the sample would look like when analyzing the data. One thing can strongly affect the way the survey was done

How important is statistics

The world is ever growing, the population, census, number of children on board and many things come and go. So how do we see things around us. If we buy a fish in the market and we only have 20 dollars. Imagine if you can buy a 20 pieces of large fish in that amount. In that case you would have won. But then what if we try to turn the scenes. What if your 20 dollars was spent only on a one can of tuna fish.That would be absurd.

That’s why statistics is important. Knowing the value and worth is very essential and vital to our daily lives. Our world is becoming data rich and dependent  but statistics goes beyond the batting four shots on goal . In fact everything is becoming quantitative with data that is just  the numbers  but numbers that are carrying out information for example a medical experiments is design to analyze the complex data they produce  in order  to search  for improved medical improvements and ensure that their experiments are safe and reliable.

Their are numbers  on the abundance of animals  and plants as well as  spread of pollution and the effect that it has on each other. There are numbers of companies that determine the  future of many industries based on the efficiency with which their goods and services are produced and delivered .  You can ask for internet marketing service providers for further questions.  Why not find out more for the detail right away. You in fact plays a vital role in statistics and become affected by them everyday!When we come to experience a very special event in our life, we feel so much happiness overflowing from our heart. That is because it is a once in a lifetime event that you will experience in your entire life. So to make it more memorable, we choose the best dress that we have to make us look beautiful.


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